Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Album Available!

We're excited to announce that our new album of all original material is now available! Give it a listen here:

If you like what you hear, we'd be thrilled if you'd consider purchasing it! Check out for more info. As of right now, we're using exclusively for selling our music online. Eventually we'll move to iTunes and Amazon and the rest, but the great thing about Bandcamp is that they take a much smaller cut of the income than iTunes/Amazon and the others, and they also give you much more control over how to distribute your music. So we're able to set our price lower than iTunes, but still earn more than we would for a higher-priced download from the other services. Also bandcamp gives you more options for what kinds of files to download - we put the highest resolution files (24 bit, 88.2 kHz) we had up on the site, and you have your choice of what resolution/kind of file you'd like to get.

We hope you enjoy the music!

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